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Most us, care about their cars like they care for their kids or partner. It is a very special asset for people, maybe the second most valuable asset after one's own house. It needs special special care, and great maintenance to stay in mint condition and keep performance to your expectations level. 

When it comes to shipping a car across country or overseas, it is indeed a challenging task for some. weather you want sit behind the wheel and drive it yourself, or find a car shipping company to do the job for you, it is a daunting task indeed.

ln this article we will explain how to Bid Export can save your time and effort, and handle your car shipping around the world with a world class service and professional manners.

Your Best Car Shipping Services Worldwide

Bid Export Car Shipping Services

Bid Export is an authorized online car auction in Miami, Florida, that offers clients around the world, buying cars online and participating in car auctions to win hot deals and purchase vehicles with as low prices as 40-70% of it's real market value. 

That's not every thing, Bid Export offers car inspection for the vehicles and in country or international car shipping. 

If you want to buy a car out of state and want to have it delivered, you are probably looking for a professional assistance for your car shipping. WIth Bid Export car shipping services it is now easier than ever! You just need to fill out a form with the destination you want your vehicle to be shipped and you will receive an exact quote by email.

You need to submit a car shipping request and our professional logistic department will handle your car shipping request individually. Usually we reply on each request from 30 min up to 2 hours but it might take also up to 24 hours in special occasions.

The cycle of delivering vehicles to our customers will start as soon as you have completed the vehicle and freight payment (If the vehicle is purchased through BidExport Auction). A Bid Export representative will check the car title / ownership and will handle all the paper work for you to ensure the car shipping process to start as soon as possible to the desired destination. 

If you have purchased a vehicle from another company in the USA, but you would like Bid Export to ship this car for you, that is completely possible.

Shipping Qoute Request

How Can I Find Out My Car Shipping Cost?

You can use our shipping quote request page to get the idea how much is the car shipping cost for the vehicle to the desired destination. Any shipping quotes sent to our customers are valid only for the vehicle that they have been requested. As we are connected with a group of leading car shipping companies, we get lower B2B rates and discounts, and will always check for the best deals we can get for you, usually lower than what you can get if you directly contact these car shipping companies.

Can I Track My Car Shipping Status Online?

Yes, you can! We will send you a tracking number once your car is in the container or RORO. Bid Export focuses on meeting all the needs of their individual and corporate clients on time. You will be able to track and monitor your car shipping process and location as it approaches you to the final destination that you have selected to pick. 

For all inland transportation we send email to inform our customers about latest details.

How Long Is The Car Shipping Delivery Time?

Bid Export priority is to get work done, in time! Car shipping delivery time is estimated to be about 45 to 60 working days for shipping a car overseas, while shipping a car across the country in the USA it is no more than 1-2 weeks. Nonetheless, slow traffic, weather conditions, snow-bird seasons, and any factors we do not have control over, can lead to delays and other situations.

Shipping A Car Across Country - Ground Car shipping

Shipping a car across country

Shipping a car across the country takes a lot of time and effort. You don’t want to spend tens of hours to drive a car you want ship to another state and put all that effort when there are professionals who can do the job for you,for less time and money.

Ground Transportation Also known as land transportation, is used to haul vehicles from its current pick up location to either your in country location or to an exit port if the car is meant to be shipped overseas. Vehicles are transported on flat beds, open car haulers or enclosed trucks. It all depends on what the client prefers and is willing to pay, since enclosed trucks usually have a higher cost. All of our trucks offer ground insurance in case of certain incidents, but we also offer additional insurance at an additional cost.

Shipping A Car Across The Country Options

While open Trailers is more suitable for everyday low cost vehicles, closed trucks is often used for exotic, luxury and collectors cars to prevent any road hazards.

Usually prices for open trailers and closed trucks vary due to availability and benefits of each transportation methods.

Ground transportation is most suitable for:

  • Town cars or SUV’s
  • Sport cars
  • Vans
  • Mini buses
  • Buses

Benefits of car ground transportation:

  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • It prevents the vehicle from any wear and tear and additional miles on it
  • It saves your time and efforts and makes the transportation stress free
  • It is reliable and secure with the different insurance options

Shipping Qoute Request

Shipping A Car Overseas Now Easier Than Ever

If you are looking for shipping a car overseas, you will definitely look for a specialized car shipping company. International car shipping is also available with Bid Export. Again, all you need to do is to fill the shipping quote request and we will get back to you within hours for your best deal you can get. YES, That is easy! We handle all the work and search for you.

RORO Car Shipping

RORO Car Shipping

“RORO” means that your car will be driven inside the ship. This method of shipment is available to various destinations and does not involve consolidation

Mostly known as the roll-on/roll-off shipping method, this service is highly used for vehicles in running conditions and is selected for its simplicity and fast handling operation.

All type of wheeled cargo such as automobiles, trucks, trailers, etc. are driven on and off the ship. These ships are designed to load vehicles in working conditions.

The majority of countries offer the regular RORO service, but some destinations offer: RORO towable and forklift service for an additional charge. Please note it does not include ocean insurance.

RORO shipping is most suitable for:

  • Town and sports cars
  • Trucks
  • Van and buses
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Yacht and boats

Benefits of RORO Shipping:

  • RORO shipping is cost effective comparing to exclusive containers
  • RORO shipping guarantees reliable departure and arrival dates
  • RORO shipping operations are simple and fast

Shipping Qoute Request

Car Shipping Containers

Car shipping container

Containers have standardized (fixed) dimensions and can be exclusive or shared containers. You can usually find the most common sizes: 20', 40', 40'HC (high cube), 45', 48' and 53' available from all exit ports, but some shipping lines may not offer all sizes to specific destinations.

Our certified drivers will pick up your vehicle from its current location and deliver it to our exit warehouse. Once the vehicle arrives, pictures will be taken and uploaded on your profile.

Depending on the shipping option chosen, your vehicle will be loaded either by container consolidation towards your pick up location. Or you can ask for your exclusive container if you are willing to ship more cars and different items. Usually vehicles are loaded in a 40' shared container with 3 more cars aside from yours. Making it a 40' with 4 cars.

What is car shipping consolidation?

Consolidation is when you only have one car to ship but you do not want to pay for the whole 40 feet container. Our shipping company will consolidate your car to several of popular destinations. For example, if your car is consolidated with 2 other cars in a 40 feet container, you are ending up paying only 1/3 from the price of 40 feet container. If there is no consolidation to your port, we can ship a car in 20” dedicated container.

Shipping Containers are most suitable for:

  • Luxury and collectors cars
  • Brand new cars
  • Sedan and sport cars
  • Trucks and small vans
  • Damaged not working cars

Benefits of Shipping Containers:

  • Shipping your vehicle in safe and sound enclosed conditions
  • You can ship additional or personal items along with your vehicle
  • You can ship multiple vehicles in one container for a flexible price
  • Vehicles do not need to be in running conditions
  • Highly flexible for both short and long shipping distances

Shipping Qoute Request

Car Shipping Insurance

As we have mentioned earlier, when shipping a car across country, all transported vehicles are fully insured in case any hassle and certain incidents without any additional costs supported from our legal insurance partners. However, if you are shipping a car overseas, car insurance is optional at cost of 1% of the car value in cases of the cargo gets smashed or drowned.

shipping a car overseas is usually seen as a safe and reliable way of transportation. Of the 120 million containers transported every year, only 10,000 are estimated to be lost on the way. While that is indeed a small ration with the overall volume, Would you like to be stuck with the bill if your container falls overboard?

The containers can also be misused at the port causing substantial damage to the cargo inside not only because of adverse weather. It is possible to drop containers, to knock them over, and some may even take fire because of dangerous shipped goods.

If you need an additional car shipping insurance, we also offer additional insurance at an additional cost, please contact us for more details about it

[email protected]

Why Choose Bid Export For Shipping A Car Overseas

Before shipping a car overseas or across the country, Bid Export gives you the option to inspect your car with full report for any dents or damages before the carrier leaves.

Putting the customer first is our philosophy. Between quote transparency and the different payment methods available for your ease. Instead of having to pay a higher price than you expected by reaching car shipping companies directly, Bid Export will guarantee the best price for you and will finish your job with the highest service available, Bid Export will bend over backward to find you the best match even if that means paying for part of your move. Also:

  • Bid Export shipping services are worldwide
  • Provides final quotes that may not change after deal is done.
  • Uses only licensed and insured transporters to make sure your vehicles arrive in time and safely.
  • Ships more than just cars.
  • Create a listing for your car shipping to get the best price from our transportation partners
  • Offers open and enclosed transport
  • Offers different insurance plans for your car shipping 
  • Inspect your car before send for shipping!
  • Provides multiple payment options
  • Ships classic, vintage, and exotic cars


What Else Cars Do You Ship?

We can arrange shipping for:

  • Cars
  • Light trucks
  • Motorcycles 
  • Powerboats
  • Sailboats
  • Jet Skis
  • RVs
  • ATVs and four-wheelers
  • Commercial trucks
  • Farm equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Vehicle and boat parts
  • Trailers

Here are Item you can add when using shipping containers:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Home electronics
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Pool tables
  • Pianos
  • Heavy farm and construction equipment
  • And more

If this isn’t customer service done right, well, we don’t know what is.

World Wide Car Shipping With Bid Export is authorized and licensed online auction that was shaped by individuals who have numerous long stretches of involvement in the US auto sales industry. Our team and representatives have been filling in as directors in enormous used cars dealerships and strategic logistics organizations.

Bid Export began 10 years back with a solitary used cars dealership in Los Angeles CA. Presently headquartered in Miami, Florida as worldwide leader in online car auctions, and a premier destination for the resale of the best used cars. With more than 150,000 listings you can find your dream car, or supply your auto business with both clean and salvage vehicles for prices much affordable than buying from dealerships.

Our corporate office is located in Miami, Florida - address:
100 SE 2nd Street Suite 2000
Miami FL 33131
+1 305 285 8417
[email protected] 

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