are you looking where to buy cheap project cars? and asking your self where to find project cars for sale on a good deal? Then you are on the right place!

Buying a project car is something which almost every car enthusiast think of and daydream, It is a way people express their selves, its a hobby, and mastery.  

It is definitely challenging and tricky job to find a project car in both good condition and decent price. spending a lot of time and efforts, comparing deals and prices, is just part of the project. and normally the better the condition the higher the price.

The good news for you: With Bid Export you can save your time and money. You can buy your next project car or start bidding to win it in our online car auction at much cheaper prices with your smart phone or laptop! 

When it comes to buying a project car we always try to get the best deal and value for our budget. Bid Export Auto Auction is where to buy project cars from! Bid Export offers more than 150,000 listed vehicle with affordable prices for all tastes and preferences, at lower prices than local auto dealers and auto malls. you can search and find different type of project cars on our platform:

  • classic project cars for sale
  • project muscle cars for sale 
  • European project cars for sale
  • Japanese Project cars for sale
  • and more

project cars for sale

Where To Find Project Cars For Sale At Low Price?

Finding a suitable project car and rebuilding it is the most fun thing for any car enthusiast, from finding it to rebuilding it, and finally test the results on the streets!

To build a project car, you will need Time, Money, and place if you are going to do it yourself. but first you got to find your desired car, and here comes the question "where to buy project cars?

With the variety of options available for your, you can buy project cars from:

  • Your local dealers
  • The auto saloon next street
  • The junk yard on your city exit
  • Or even from your old neighbor's  garage, maybe he's got a surprise for you.
  • Our 150,000 vehicles inventory and offers that you can check online !

With more than 150,000 listed cars in Bid Export car auction, you can start competing with other bidders to win your next project car, or you can directly buy it at the listed "Buy Now" price. You can find cars in your region, or in other states, and we will take care of the shipping, we ship worldwide.

A full detailed Car inspection performed from the best specialist around the U.S is available for any car you choose in our online car auction. 

Advantages of buying project cars for car auctions:

  • It is time saving - you don't have to go physically to each car dealership and travel long distances each time.
  • It is cost effective - usually in car auctions you find the cars with much lower price than else where and can easily get 20% off the price.
  • variety of options - weather you are looking for a classic car to build, a drift car, drag car, american muscles, European cars or Japanese, will find them in one place.
  • Stress-free experience - with the car inspection and shipping services, now your car buying experience require much less efforts.
  • you can take advantage of our seasonal and additional promo offers
  • There are many vintage cars that could almost pass as collectors' items that are sold at auctions

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How To Buy Project Cars For Sale Online

If you are a first timer to build a project car, first thing make sure you have saved some money! If you don't have a job, and you are looking to build a car, I am afraid you need to set your priorities right first, and establish a budget. Project cars usually need lot of work and time and you need to be ready for it!

You can find cheap project cars for sale between 800$ to 5000$  and you can find project cars for sale with range of 5000$ to 15,000$ and you sky the limit! it all depends on what kind of a project car you looking to buy and build, and how much work it needs to turn it into a piece of art or a 600HP beast!

1. Decide what project car you are looking for

Every project car has a purpose, It is not just a car that gets him from point A to point B, Therefore you need to know what exactly you need it for:
  • A Show Car
  • A Drag Car
  • A Drift Car
  • A Track Car

Everybody knows that project cars need work, so be careful with you choices and make a plan for your budget. What I mean by that, is you will need to keep in mind several points when looking for cheap project cars for sale. please keep reading into the next paragraph and check some useful tips from our experts in the auto industry when it comes to buying any project cars for sale.

Now lets take a look into next step of buying project cars for sale online.

2. Consider a reliable place to buy project cars from

With the help of technology now you can buy project cars from a reliable car dealer and car auction wherever you are on the map.

With the help of our search filters on our platform, you can find thousands of listed vehicles on our online auction. You can optimize the results to your preferences.

search for projects cars for sale

After you make a registration and found your car on our online auto auction you will have 2 options:

THE BID OPTION: Whatever bidding you see and whatever bids you are submitting through our online auto auction is PRE bidding. For example, you can place your maximum bid as $10,000 and if your bid was the highest bid of the PRE bidding round your bid will be submitted at the live sale. If your bid is the highest bid of the live sale and meets the seller reserve then you are the winner.

THE BUY NOW OPTION: You want to shortcut the bidding part and want directly to buy cars online? With 'BUY NOW' option you can purchase your desired vehicle at the indicated price with the click of a button. As soon as you receive an email with confirmation of the purchase the vehicle is yours.

3. Ask For Inspection Before Buying a Project Car

Not sure about the condition of the vehicle you are planning to purchase? We make it easy for you by scheduling a full inspection of your next vehicle. We will send to any location one of our certified mechanics who will perform a full detailed inspection

Report includes but not limited to: A lot of extra pictures, Test drive of the vehicle (if possible), check all fluids, mechanical condition, full car body report with any damages or missing parts and their OEM numbers and many more details find in the table here.

4. Choose your preferred shipping method for your project car

Shipping vehicles from one region to another can sometimes be challenging and it is essential to deal with an experienced and trustful transporter to handle your car shipping.

Bid Export Offer their clients multiple solutions for transportation and car shipping locally and globally:

Dealing with the industry most reputable shipping service providers, Bid Export ensures a timely, affordable and hassle-free vehicle shipping to their clients.


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Tips For Buying Project Cars For Sale

Here are some useful Do's and Don'ts for your next purchase:

  • Buy project cars you are familiar with and can work on
  • Buy project cars that are within your financial limits 
  • Buy project cars that has available original or aftermarket spare parts 
  • Be Patient - do not rush making emotional purchases
  • Buy Project cars that has all their document right - avoid any future legal issues 
  • Record VIN number and any body tag codes
  • Do not buy project cars without engines if you can't install one
  • Do not buy extremely damaged cars in order to save an extra buck - you wont! 
  • Do not get scared of high mileage 
  • Learn, Learn, Learn, read as much as you can and watch as many videos and reviews before you BUY.

Next, let us take a look what are the major things you will need to pay extra attention to when buying a project car that will prevent you from a lot of extra work and additional cost. 

Things To Look For In A Project Cars For Sale

Now you know the easy process of how to buy a project car and went through some useful tips to keep in mind let us take a look what to pay extra attention when testing it and inspecting its condition:

1. The Car Identification

Some project cars may come with shady backgrounds so make sure you have the full documents and legal rights to own the car. Ask for any additional paper work that comes with any previous engine change or chassis modification or even change. 

2. Accidents

We are not talking about smashed fronts and sides, but rather damages in the chassis caused by accidents that affects the car performance. Does it run in a straight line? does the steering wheel shake on high speed? is there any welding at any primary body parts? any holes or torn parts? you have to check all these things, otherwise you are buying a worthless scrap metal.


yes RUST! project cars worst enemy. its like cars cancer, its good to find it at early stages, if you don't it will spread and ruin the whole car!

Look over the door frames, under the seats, engine bays, fenders, trunk, Keep in mind that both replacement panels are available for most classic cars. just don't buy rusty cars!

4. Why it is a project car?

There’s something we do when building a project car, we ignore the manufacturers that have spent millions into research and design, and instead we opt to build a car ourselves in our shed. and we should consider couple of factors before building one. Why is it a project car? Projects start from bad head gaskets, blown engines, or slipping transmissions. At one point in the car’s history, the owner decided to stop driving it. find out the reasons why the car was abandoned. 

5. Transmission

It is like the spine of the car, everything could work just GREAT, the engine could be rumbling and thundering, you run the best exhaust system,the best intake, spark plugs, ignition, and everything else but the transmission is worn and torn. Well, all the good work is lost here and wont reach the wheels and you won't get real feel. 

6. Interior 

It may not sound like a major concern, but believe it or not, it is much easier to restore a car body, than a car interior! 

Top 5 Project Muscle Cars For Sale In the US

If you are a muscle car fan we can suggest you couple of options to look up for your next project cars:

1. Mopar project cars for sale

For some enthusiast, the world of Mopars begins and ends with cars like Chargers or Road Runners. Others are immersed in the E-Body Barracuda and Challenger. many-long-timers and late-comers alike-think the world according to Chrysler begins and ends with B-Body two-doors.

The General Lee

The commitment to performance goes back to the 1950s and the original Generation I Hemi engines – the first engine to develop one horsepower per cubic inch. Continuing into the 1960s and early 1970s with motors like the 340 small block, 440 big block, and the “Elephant,” the Generation II 426 Hemi. Come era of the1990s and early 2000s, But there are lots more out there, if you’re willing to find one you may check our Online Auction for more Mopar  project cars for sale.

2. Camaro project cars for sale

An old Camaro SS is a dream project car for many of us. Chevy’s answer to the Ford Mustang was finally introduced in 1967 and it was an immediate sensation with 220,906 sold the first year. with a glorious 454 big block that started at 360 bhp and ended at a barbaric 450 in the 70's. This was the muscle car summit.  Over the last five decades, Chevy has created six-generations of its “pony car” and you wont regret building one! Spare parts are available prices are affordable and these Chevy cars are made to last.

camaro project cars for sale

Find more Camaro Project cars for sale on our auto auction, and don't forget you can also find salvage cars for extra parts for your project.

3. Corvette project cars for sale

One of most elegant and good looking cars of all time, with it's elegant curves and unique design, the Chevy Corvette has been always a dream car for many of us. Corvettes remain one of the most iconic automotive designs ever conceived. Looking for corvette project cars for sale in auto auctions can save you good money and effort. it is now more affordable than before to rebuild a corvette and experience the whole memorable process of rebuilding one of the most recognizable representatives of the American sports high class.

 corvette project cars  

4. Mustang project cars for sale

The Mustang or Camaro debate has been held for 6 generations so far, and both cars has their loyal enthusiasts and admirers. The mustang been introduced early on April 17, 1964 (16 days after the Plymouth Barracuda) 

Mustang project cars for sale

Weather it is the first mustang from 1964 or the 2000's Mustangs, Mustangs are very capable of upgrades and fun to restore for its various models and performances packages (GT, Super Snake, Cobra, etc) you have a lot of choices to work on. Mustangs are best for being affordable, compact, highly styled car with a sporty and performance-oriented style. 

5. Pontiac project cars for sale

transam firebird

Another shining star among the classic muscle cars is the Firebird Trans AM, with its Iconic Bandit edition, that became very popular after its appearance in Smokey and the Bandit. Not limiting to the Trans Am, you can find more Pontiac project cars for sale out there, and you can access them here published in one place, collected from different regions and states for sale and bidding on our auction platform 

muscle project car for sale

A Happy Client Sharing His Experience With His Project Car

 One of our loyal members in BidExport Auction, Mr. R Qattan one of the most active retro cars enthusiast and project cars expert in Jordan.
During the years we have been able to win the trust of many clients around the world and our clients love to contact us and share with us with their new stories and next plans, and Mr. Rajai is one of them. 
Adding to his muscle cars collection, the latest purchase was a repossessed Corvette C3 Stingray in 2018 for under 3600$ from our auction. The 35 years old was happy to share with us some of the photos throughout the rebuilding process, and we like to share them with you too!

It all started from here:

Arriving in an exclusive container and waiting for clearance and paper work>>>

corvette project cars for sale 

Preparing the Stingray project for a full rebuild from the inside and outside>>

And with a some fine work and big efforts and mastering:

corvette project cars for sale

The results were absolutely mesmerizing: A Winner in the royal automobile classic show in Jordan! 

corvette project cars for sale

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