Buying A Car Out Of State And Having It Shipped Easily

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With the emerge of technology, people are changing their behaviors constantly, and adopt new habits. Buying used cars process has changed a little bit lately. With the ability to find thousands of deals online, you just need to open your phone browser, and search out in the right place! 

You don't need to physically visit any show room, auto dealers, or travel miles, to buy a car out of you state to save couple of hundreds maybe.No!

Buying a car out of state and having it shipped has become easier than ever, just like you buy, electronics, clothes, different types of equipment, buying car out of state and have it delivered is nothing more different..

its this article we will explain and give you the guide you need when buying a car out of state and have it shipped in more details:

  • Can I buy a car out of state?
  • How to buy a car out of state
  • Cheapest State to buy a car

  • Using car auctions when buying car out of state

  • buying a car out of state and having it shipped

  • Buying a car out of state shipping methods

  • Is buying a car out of state and have it shipped safe?

  • Do i have to pay taxes twice if i buy a car out of state?

  • How to avoid sales tax when buying a car out of state

  • The best website to buy a car out of state

Can I Buy A Car Out Of State?

Yes, you can buy a car in another state. However, it’s not as simple as buying a car closer to home. You need to make sure you pay your state’s sales tax, register it yourself and possibly get it inspected for environmental and safety standards before buying.

Buying a car out of state and having it shipped is not for the faint of heart or the undecided. Maybe you’ve found a great offer or deals for your desired car better than what you found in your state. Or maybe you see a car in the make or model you’ve been always wanting listed in an online auction. You probably shouldn’t travel out of state if you aren’t certain that you want to buy the car in question, but if you’ve done your research and truly believe your perfect car is worth the trip, continuing that thorough preparation will help make the experience easier,  

Whatever your reasons for buying a car out of state, sometimes the perfect car is worth all it takes! and there are companies that can help you get these cars handle all the paper work and shipping, and most of the times you can deals to buy cars out of state with 40-60% of its real market value.


Buying a car out of state from a dealer

Buying a car out of state might allow you to purchase the new or used car of your dreams. While the internet makes researching and shopping easy, you have several decisions to make and steps to take before you drive off in your new vehicle.

When working with a dealership rather than a private seller, you can often get more help in completing your paperwork, making it easier to head home as a happy owner of the perfect car.

Buying a car out of state from a private seller

If you're looking to pay a lower price for a a good used car, you can always buy a car out of state from a private seller. That means buying from an individual, not a business engaged in buying and selling cars for margin. Yes, you give up the fancy showroom and probably any financing options. But there are advantages to private sales, too. like lower prices and less paper work is waiting for you,, it more timely and eveybody wants to get the deal done and go back to normal life.

Buying a car out of state from car auctions (Online)

As we said earlier there are professional companies who take care of the whole process when buying a car out of state and having it shipped, they rather have access to huge inventories of different vehicle types and classes, clean cars for daily, electric cars, project cars, and even salvage titled vehicles at a lot cheaper price than any private deals or car dealership you visit. you will learn more about the benefits of buying a car out of state and having it shipped with the help of such companies are the best choice for you.

But can't I just buy a car out state and drive it home?

Buying a car out of state takes a lot of time and effort. You don’t want to spend time researching and preparing only to see that someone else has already made moves to purchase the vehicle. But even worse than that would be driving across the country only to find out that someone got there before you. Before you get your show on the road, confirm (preferably in writing) that the dealership or seller is holding the car for you, and that you have the necessary paperwork to make the purchase. and do not forget you can just not like the car condition after you inspect it on spot,,,


How To Buy A Car Out Of State Online

With the help of our search filters, you can find thousands of listed vehicles on the car auction website online. You can optimize the results to your preferences. Whether you are looking for salvage cars, clean cars or both, you can bid or buy on cars in your city or anywhere in the world. 

There are two options how can you get your car from a car auction, if you like the thrilling bids and have patience to compete with other bidders for a good deal, it is fun you go for it! if you have decided a fixed maximum budget and you want to spend it on your next car that meets your needs directly, you have this options in your hand as well. lets see how:

  • Bidding On Auction Vehicles

Bidding in online car auctions can be live bidding or pre-bidding - whatever bidding you see and whatever bids you are submitting through our online auto auction is PRE bidding. For example, you can place your maximum bid as $10,000 and if your bid was the highest bid of the PRE bidding round your bid will be submitted at the live bidding sale. If your bid is the highest bid of the live sale and meets the seller reserve then you are the winner.

If the seller reserve price is lower than your maximum bid and no one outbid you during the live sale then you can win the vehicle for less than your maximum bid. Remember if your maximum bid is $10,000 you can potentially win the vehicle for less than your maximum bid, assuming that it is greater than any other bids and seller ask price is met.

  • "Buy Now" Auction Vehicles

The "Buy Now" option allows you to shortcut the bidding part and directly buy used cars. With 'BUY NOW' option you can purchase your desired vehicle at the indicated price with the click of a button. As soon as you receive an email with confirmation of the purchase the vehicle is yours.

Unlike traditional car auctions, where you get what you see, and there are no guarantees for what you are actually getting - with Bid Export you can check detailed vehicle history with the help of CheckMyVin. You can always schedule a car inspection procedure before start bidding on any car - it is crucial for you to know what are you bidding on or willing to buy before you start.

Benefits Of Buying A Car Out Of State

One of the best way to buy your next used car is from an online auto auction. Such websites allow you to get the car you want for less money than a regular dealer or local vendor would offer you. most auto dealerships get inventory from car auctions to resell them later. if you are not one, read keep reading further in the article to find out who can make business with car auctions. get access! 

Lets take a look for some key advantages of using an online car auction:

  • Variety Of Choices: listing thousands of used cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and much more. With the help of search filters you can sort vehicles by model, year, price, quality and region weather you are looking for clean run and drive cars or salvaged ones you will always find something of your interest. buying a car out of state gives you much more options to look at!
  • It is Convenient: there are many factors making car auctions your most efficient choice, one of them is cutting costs, and selling cars at 40-50% of their market value. You won't need to pay registration fee, joining our car auction platform is completely free. Lets not forget how time consuming is jumping from one dealer or car auction to another until you find your one and what daily expenses come with that.
  • No Geographical Limitations: Buying a car out of state with online car auctions you are not limited to look for cars in your region, with the help of our search engine, you can look for cars of your choice in different states, and if you find what you are looking for you can easily manage to take care of your car delivery  at very competitive rates. 
  • Car Inspection Available: Buying a car out of state and in most car auctions there are no guarantees what are you getting - You get what you see! But with online auto auctions like Bid Export you can ask for a full car inspection before buying or start bidding with others. Car inspections include and not limited to: A lot of extra pictures, Test drive of the vehicle (if possible), check all fluids, full damage report with missing parts and their OEM numbers and many more custom checks. 
  • Finding Cars Unavailable In Your Region: Sometimes buying a car out of state is your only option to find the car model you are struggling to find in your state or city. And it is a good option to take a look in other sates from your phone browser and make a sometimes much better deals than what you could have gotten if anything shows up at all in your area.

Buying A Car Out Of State And Having It Shipped To You!

Buying a car out of state and having it shipped is now easier than ever, in bid export we use to haul vehicles from its current pick up location to your desired destination. Vehicles are transported on flat beds, open trailers or enclosed trucks. It all depends on what the client prefers and is willing to pay, since enclosed trucks usually have a higher cost. All of our trucks offer ground insurance in case of certain incidents, but we also offer additional insurance at an additional cost.

Benefits of car ground transportation:

  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • It prevents the vehicle from any wear and tear and additional miles on it
  • It saves your time and efforts and makes the transportation stress free
  • It is reliable and secure with the different insurance options

And How Long Does It Take Buying A Car Out Of State And Having It Shipped?

Time for delivery : Inland delivery time in USA is estimated to be 3-15 working days, and Overseas delivery about 40-65 working days.

Buying A Car Out Of State: Cheapest States To Buy A Car

Sometimes buying a car out of state can save you a lot of money, if you live in state that have high taxes and any additional fees and sales tax. It can be significantly less expensive to own a car in certain states as well, such as Florida or New Hampshire, unlike some of the most expensive ones like California or New York.

Some of the cheapest states to buy a used car are Florida, Oregon, New Hampshire, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri and North Carolina. 

Because of lack of sales tax and small registration fees, New Hampshire is the cheapest state to buy a car in.

Due to a wide variety of used car inventory, Florida is a close second and because used cars can cost nearly 10 percent less than the national average there. With an older population, more drivers sell their vehicles than in other states so there are more opportunities to purchase used cars at a more affordable price. Also remember: there is still a 6 percent sales tax on car purchases and much higher fees for registration and title.

Important Tips When Buying A Car Out Of State

We have prepared for you a couple of the most important points you need to keep in mind when buying a car out of state and having it shipped. so before you go ahead and starting looking for a car make sure to keep in mind the following points. 

1. Meet The Requirements When Buying A Car From Different State

It is common sense when you're buying a car in a different state, it must meet your home state's requirements. Your state DMV's website will have the information you need for registering and operating your new or used car. Meeting your state's emissions standards is an important point when buying a car out of state from a dealer or private seller.

If you buy a new car in Washington, D.C. or the 14 states that have adopted the standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), your car can pass the emission requirements of any state. In the West, CARB standards have been adopted by states including Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Washington are included in the North.

Luckily, most car manufacturers produce cars that meet California's rigorous air quality standards!

2. Buying A Car Out Of State Must Come With History Report

 A car history report gives you very important information about a particular car you want to buy. The records are based on a car identification number of a 17-digit vehicle (VIN). Records include a car service log, readings of the odometer, rollbacks, the history of accidents or and damages, and reports of a salvage title if any. You may buy the report using the Title Information System for national engine vehicles. Some online sellers and car auctions offer the report for free. A history report can also be bought by websites such as AutoCheck and Carfax.

Speak to the seller about any possible red flags before taking any steps to make a purchase. Always pay attention to suspicious problems that might cause financial difficulty in future, such as any liens that might be against the vehicle.

3. Before Buying A Car Out Of State Perform A Car Inspection 

Before buying a car out of state make sure you test it and make a full inspection, know what are you buying! there is no room for after sale surprises.

Many people prefer to buy used cars over the new ones because of the significant drop in price between them, and not to lose large sums when reselling, but it is necessary when buying used cars whether out of state of not to check the car professionally so you don't get exposed to deception and fraud of some dealers.

4. Move The Registration And Title To You

Getting your title and registration in order is an easy process if you're buying your car from an out-of-state dealer or auction. They will usually help you handling all of the necessary paperwork. However, if you are buying your car from a private seller, you will have to do all the paperwork in both DMV of your home state and the state you bought the car from all by yourself.

The seller should at least provide a signed title and bill of sale to you. This will give you proof of ownership for your drive home if you decided to drive it home yourself, you will need it for your trip to the DMV to get proper license and registration. You will need to go to the DMV within a certain amount of time -- usually between as less as 30 days and in some states up to 60 days -- to acquire these essential documents. It's important to familiarize yourself with the regulations in your specific state.

5. It is Good To Have Insurance When Buying A Car Out Of State

Many states require that you prove that you have car insurance or are self-insured before you are able to obtain your title and registration and drive your car home legally. This is one of the most difficult measures and you should consider talking to a reputable insurance agent well in advance of your actual car purchase. Occasionally, for a short period of time, if you have an existing insurance policy it will protect a newly bought car — and sometimes it won't. so make sure this part of the purchase is well taken care of. 

Buy Cars Out Of State And Having It Shipped Is Easier With Bid Export is authorized and licensed online auction that was shaped by individuals who have numerous long stretches of involvement in the US auto sales industry. Our team and representatives have been filling in as directors in enormous used cars dealerships and strategic logistics organizations.

Bid Export began 10 years back with a solitary used cars dealership in Los Angeles CA. Presently headquartered in Miami, Florida as worldwide leader in online car auctions, and a premier destination for the resale of the best used cars. With more than 150,000 listings you can find your dream car, or supply your auto business with both clean and salvage vehicles for prices much affordable than buying from dealerships.

Our corporate office is located in Miami, Florida - address:
100 SE 2nd Street Suite 2000
Miami FL 33131
+1 305 285 8417 

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