Lately, online car auctions have started to get more and more popular. and terms like Bid Or Buy are being more commonly used and practiced to buy things at super deals. Not only bid or buy on cars but talking about all kind of online auctions.

In this guide, we will explain How Do Bid Or Buy Works, and how can you get the best deals in Bid or Buy Car auctions.

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What is Bid or Buy?

Bid Or Buy is the term used in online car auctions, as two open options for any participant in the auction to obtain the car, or the Item auctioned. One option is to place your bid on cars with other participants until the car auction ends, and your second option is "Buy Now" that allows you to buy the car for a listed fixed price right away!

Bid or buy auctions allow clients a flexibility with their buying decision, giving them the chance to withstand other bidder and win the bidding price, or directly purchase the vehicle! If you cant beat them.. buy them ! it is worth trying to experience bidding with other auction participant on the same car.. and most of the times you get a good deal!

How Do "Bid or Buy Cars" Work?

With the help of our search filters, you can find thousands of listed vehicles on our online auction. You can optimize the results to your preferences.
Whether you are looking for salvage cars, clean cars or both, you can bid or buy vehicles in your city or even outside. We will get it shipped for you wherever you are!

After you submit your bid / offer through the website, we will submit your bid on the auction, or we will submit your offer to the selling Insurance Company, Bank or selling dealer.

Bid For Cars

The Bid For Cars Option: Whatever bidding you see and whatever bids you are submitting on Bid Export bid or buy auction is PRE bidding. For example, you can place your maximum bid as $5,000 and if your bid was the highest bid of the PRE bidding round your bid on cars will be submitted at the live car auction. If your bid is the highest bid of the live sale as well, and meets the seller expectation then the car is sold, and you are the winner!

If the seller ask price is lower than your maximum bid and no one outbid you during the live sale auction then you can win the vehicle for less than your maximum bid. Remember if your maximum bid is $10,000 you can potentially win the vehicle for less than that, assuming that it is greater than any other bids and seller reserve price is met.

Buy Now Cars

The Buy Now Cars Options: You want to shortcut the bidding part and want directly to buy cars online? With 'BUY NOW' option you can purchase your desired vehicle at the indicated price with the click of a button. As soon as you receive an email with confirmation of the purchase the vehicle is yours.

The “Buy Now” price is typically non-negotiable. However, sometimes you can get a 3% - 5% decrease in the price. Please contact us in regards to this and our team of experts will do everything possible to negotiate the best price for you

If I'm the highest bidder at the time of the auction, does that mean I won the car?

No, that means you're our website's highest bidder, and we're going to submit your bid. If the car is being auctioned for sale, we will put your offer on this particular auction; however, there may be floor bidders and US dealers bidding on the same item, and if any of them bid more than yours, you would be outbid.

How do bid or buy works

Can Anyone Bid Or Buy Cars Online?

Whether you are an individual buyer or a dealer, you can purchase a car through Bid Export. Overseas or US customers looking for car auctions near by are welcomed.

No license required.

You only need to fill in all the registration page details. Please note that all of your details will need to be filled out correctly and only then will you be able to deposit for Bid or Buy on car deals. Make sure you sign in the name in which you want the paperwork to be done.

Car Dealers From Around The World

Not only your local auto dealer is interested to look up deals to bid or buy cars, but auto dealers from all around the world are using bid or buy cars auctions to load their warehouse and renew their inventory! With the help of online auctions technology you are connected to many car auctions on one platform online. And you have a good arsenal of services to get your car delivered as required. With the different car shipping options and the fact that the company will take care of the procedure until the vehicle arrive its final destination. We Ship to South and North Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. 

Individuals Looking For Their Next Vehicle

Anyone who is looking to buy his next used car, or he is trying to save some money buying an expensive car, bid or buy allows you to bid on cars, and possibly get your dream car for 30% less than its actual price in market. Sounds like a deal right? If you stay on watch and regularly look up the changing inventory of Bid Export Bid or Buy Auction, you will definitely grab a super win! even if you are looking for salvage vehicles for extra parts, or you are looking for your next project car, it is a great place to find one! 

Type Of Vehicles You Can Bid Or Buy Now

Type Of Vehicles in Bid Export Car Bid or Buy Auction

As discussed, bid or buy cars inventory is broad and you can find anything in there, from clean used cars to works of art classics, early and late model autos, trucks, modern vehicles, motorcycles and even boats. Clean or salvage. 

Clean Used Cars For Bid or Buy

Bid or Buy auctions platform connects buyers and sellers around the world together, with available shipping methods for their for sale items. In Bid Export Bid or Buy Cars Auction we've got everything in one place. Currently, Bid Export has over 150,000 Bid or Buy Cars available for sale every day. Online Bid or Buy Auctions have something for everyone.

Salvage Cars For Bid or Buy

A salvage title indicates that in the past a car has suffered some sort of substantial damage. If you're a car shopper on a budget, cars that hold them can be cheap options — if you know what you're getting. It is not a project for beginners or anyone who wants a 100% trouble-free car. If a vehicle has been in an accident and the total damage exceeds a certain percentage of the car's value (ranging from 75% to 90%), the insurance company will decide that it is not economically feasible to repair it and declare it a "total loss."

If the salvage vehicle is rebuilt, the "Salvage" title brand might be changed to a "Rebuildable Salvage." Usually such a change requires an inspection. As well it might be with "Junk" title, these cars mostly go to dismantlers, and body shops, or for extra parts for your daily or project car.

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How Much Can You Save In Bid Or Buy Cars Auctions?

Typically you can expect cars for sale under 10,000 to be about $1,000 to $3,000 dollars cheaper than retail if you went to buy it directly from the local car dealer.

You can save 10,000$, 15,000$ or even more than 30,000$ if you are buying a more expensive car as well! Usually most of the cars sell 40%-70% of their actual cash value (ACV)!  

Cars Under 10,000$

Example Of A Clean Original Vehicle:

Let us take a look at this hot listing for a 2014 Red Dodge Challenger Buy Now price of 13,000$ and Highest Current Bid at 4,350$. While it is estimated cash value in the market is almost 18,000$. take a look at the screen shots below, or just visit our online car auction inventory of 150,000 cars daily.

Red Dodge Challenger For Bid or Buy Now

Car Estimated Price and Details you can find on the page every car is listed as shown below:

Bid on Cars Estimated Value

Example For A Damaged Vehicle:

As in this example of a 2016 Dodge Challenger: Buy now Price is 9,500$ and Current Highest Bid is 5,550 - while actual cash value is about 19,000$. It is fact that the car has damage in rear bumper, but not in a way the repair will cost you 10,000$. 

How much can you save in bid or buy cars

Many Car dealers around the world use these online bid or buy car auctions to buy moderately damaged cars and repair them at much lower cost in their countries. After that they ask for their price that cover up the cost of repair and their margin as well.

How To Bid Or Buy Cars At Online Auctions

So now, its time to show you how you can participate in bid or buy deals with the best car auctions online, and what you need in order to put your first bid on cars you want. 

1. Register

It takes 1 minute to create yourself a personal account with the correct information in order to begin bidding or purchasing in bid or buy auction. The registration is simple without any further complications and is free of charge.

Register For Bid or Buy Car Auction

2. Make A List

It is important to know what are you looking for. You can bid or buy cars from inventory of more than 150,000 vehicle listed of all brands and models for sale by Bid Export Auction every day. This first step for you will help you to find your gem in there. Take your time, make research, ask friends, consult for the best options and deals available, and make a list! 

Search filter is made for you to find your cars you are looking for by category, and you can use advanced filter settings to look for more specific searches off your list.

3. Make An Initial Deposit

Once you have browsed the inventory list, it’s time to narrow your potential choices down to something more manageable. One easy way to scale down your list of vehicles is to determine your budget range. This will automatically exclude some vehicles off your list.

Then you should put an initial deposit on your account to be able to bid or buy now on more than 150,000 eligible used vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, boats and more. The minimum deposit amount for bidding on cars and other vehicles is $1000 or 10 percent (10%) of the vehicle price. If you would like to have one more of your favorite vehicles you can always add more money to bid.

Remember your budget should include the following: the winning bid price, any auction fees, any government fees (such as title, tags, registration), and any immediate repair cost needs.

4. Start Bidding

So, its time to take action! You have made a successful registration, you have set your account ready, and funded. and now you have couple of targets on the auction, you want to get! right? Just start one at a time, and set your maximum bid you would place, and start raising bids with other participants, until the bid or buy auction ends. and if you have placed the highest bid in pre bidding and in live auction sale, you are the bidding winner of the auction. simple and fun, if you set your strategy and spending strategy right! 

Top 5 Bid Or Buy On Cars Tips

In order to to get a good deal in bid or buy car auctions, you have to set a clear strategy and set you goals and stick to the plan.

In Bid Export we have prepared some tips and advises for you to bid on cars you want. 

  1. Set Up You Budget: do the calculations and take into account all your expenses, including bids on car, shipment, maintenance, and any auction fees. Focus your budget on value-added cars and always stick to the target you've set.
  2. Allow Proper research: two things that you should be aware of, the car auction that you want to use, and the vehicles you wish to bid or buy. make a good research from car prices, maintenance, import taxes if you are living out of the United States of America,
  3. Learn the terms and conditions of the auction: to bid or buy cars from online auctions you have to agree on their terms and conditions for you to purchase or submit bids. Usually you are expected to deposit a minimum reimbursable amount before you can make a bid and you can use the same deposit to pay for the vehicles that you win or want to buy now. Before start bidding on cars you should check the auction charges, so you won't be surprised on final sale amount.
  4. Be PatientKeep an eye and always look for New Hot Deals. You've got to be patient and consistent if you want to find real deals for which everyone comes to the car auction. If you don't find your car today, you can look it up online again every day and you don't know when the perfect deal is coming, and save you thousands.
  5. Tighten your choices: Narrow your final choices and do not bid over too many cars at the same time. You don't want to miss your prize offer while you bid on the wrong car.

An Extra Tip: It is always important to check and inspect the car you want to bid or buy before placing any bids. Several online sites like Edmunds have VIN number check available for cars history. Check the vehicle VIN number and ask for car inspection. You can always call for a vehicle inspection for more detailed reports for the current condition of the car.

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Bid Export began 10 years back with a solitary used cars dealership in Los Angeles CA. Presently headquartered in Miami, Florida as worldwide leader in online car auctions, and a premier destination for the resale of the best used cars. With more than 150,000 listings you can find your dream car, or supply your auto business with both clean and salvage vehicles for prices much affordable than buying from dealerships.

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